Things to pack in your newborn’s hospital bag

After nine months of pregnancy, the excitement of a baby’s arrival is always exciting. With the happiness, comes the responsibility of being a mother. Here’s what you need to do to make sure that you pack all the necessary things for your baby in your hospital.

Be prepared: The commencement of labor pains and the need to rush to a hospital when you are ready to deliver your baby is almost always sudden, so your best bet is to be prepared. This means keeping your bags packed by the time you are 36 weeks into your pregnancy term. This will cancel out any delays on getting to the hospital where you intend to deliver your newborn.

Segregate your essentials: To avoid any confusion as to which bag holds which item, it is best to separate your essentials when moving into a maternity ward with more than one bag. Often, a baby may require a prolonged stay at a postnatal ward, and this is the time to be prepared with a second bag. Your primary bag should contain everything you need during labor and the hours following delivery.

Baby essentials post-birth: Newborn babies have many needs, and while you and your child are still under the professional care of doctors and nurses right after delivering a baby, most of these requirements will be taken care of by them. However, there are quite a few baby care essentials you would need to pack during your stay in the maternity ward.

  • Sleepsuits and vests made to fit babies.
  • Baby blanket for your trip back home.
  • Your baby will soil up to 12 nappies a day so pack plenty of infant diapers.
  • Muslin squares to clean up milk spills that your child will bring up.
  • A pair of warm booties for the baby on your way home from the hospital.
  • A car seat and a pair of clothes for your child on the trip home.
  • Appropriate winter clothing for the baby if he or she is born during the colder months.

This list will help any mother post-birth, take your notes and get ready for your little one’s arrival.

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