The right way to transfer your medical records

If you are shifting from one city or state to another, you will need to take care of a lot of things. For some, it might look like a cumbersome process, and often lead to loss of information. Fret not, as here’s how you can accomplish the task quickly.

Start on time

Prior preparation is essential for the users as the time taken to retrieve the records can vary from a week to 30 days. If the time taken is more than one month, the health insurance portability and accountability agency is required to provide a valid reason

File a written request

Before shifting, you should place a request to the doctor for information. You can contact the medical service provider to get advance information about the medical policy. It can guide you about the process that has to be followed to get required information. Patients are required to pay a nominal fee to get the requisite information; however, the charges should be independent of the time taken to search the records.

Know the act

It is important for the patients to get acquainted with the health insurance portability and accountability act. The rule incorporates different facets governing the transfer of data. In the past, only doctors could have viewed the information of the patients, but now the latter can also check their history. People can get the copy of the record or retrieve information according to their requirements and specifications.

Follow the norm

Do your homework, and research well about the process to prevent nasty surprises such as the unavailability of information within the stipulated time period. You should fill the online medical records transfer form that have your name, address and other credentials such as date of birth. For example, if the medical records are being transferred from one doctor to another, you may have to sign the release of the information. Once the data is received by the recipient, a new contract has to be signed.


You can relax while moving home if you follow the steps to make sure your medical records are safe with you.

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