The best smartphone plans for seniors

High-speed internet and unlimited talk-time are the standards that are mostly demanded by all smartphone users; however, seniors don’t really make such smartphones demands as they would like to experience benefits which would suit their needs and budget best.

There are certain cell phone and smartphone plans for the seniors which are designed especially considering the requirements of seniors. These plans are mainly prepaid in nature and comprise fewer frills and fewer minutes than the standard smartphone plans. This helps the senior to stay in touch with their loved ones without wasting large amounts of their limited monthly incomes.

Given below are smartphone plans for seniors offered by major service providers. There are several smaller prepaid service providers who offer these services too. However, it must be noted that if you are using Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, food stamps/SNAP, and several government programs, then you qualify to receive free and subsidized smartphone plans for seniors that are available with some of these companies on the basis of the Federal Lifeline Program.

  • T- Mobile
    T-Mobile offers T-Mobile Pay As You Go plan which is priced at $3 per month.It includes a combination of 30 minutes talk-time or texts. Additional charges are applicable which are 10 cents/minute or per message.
  • AT&T
    AT&T offers the AT&T GoPhone Daily plan which is priced at $2 per day.This plan includes unlimited talk-time and text messages.
  • Consumer Cellular
    Consumer Cellular offers a plan for$10/month at 25 cents/minute. However, no free minutes or texts included.
  • Republic Wireless
    Republic Wireless offers this plan which is priced at$15/month for unlimited texts and minutes.
    TRACFONE offers this plan which is priced at $9.99/month for free 60 minutes talk-time.

The following service providers offer discounted smartphone plans for seniors with other benefits:

  • Virgin mobile
    Virgin Mobile offers 5GB data for $35 with unlimited texts and talk-time.
  • Cricket Wireless
    Cricket Wireless, moreover, offers 1GB data for $30 with unlimited talk-time and texts.
  • Verizon
    Lastly, Verizon offers 3GB for $40 with unlimited texts and talk-time.

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