Taking a look at causes of foot pain

The foot is a complex of tendons, ligaments, bands of connective tissue and bones. So, if you’re wondering the causes of foot pain, check these possible reasons out.

Any kind of injury rendered to or overuse of the feet may cause inflammation. This, in turn, can be one of the causes of foot pain which can affect the heels, the Achilles tendon, the toes and even travel up the ankle towards the calves of the legs. The main symptoms of this include a burning sensation, numb feeling, a sharp pain during any kind of physical activity.

A condition that affects and damages the nerves is known as neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the top forms of this kind of nerve damage. In such a condition, the nerves may become numb and the patient may lose sensation in that area of the body. This may also be one of the causes of foot pain that can damage the nerves of the feet.

Fractures and Spurs
Bone spurs and fractures can be one of the causes of foot pain as well. When there is a broken bone or a bone spur in the body, one needs to rest that body part properly and let the muscles and bones grow back together.

Flat Feet
For some patients, foot pain may also be caused by flattened arches. Most of us have well-formed arches that give us support when we walk. But for some people, these arches may be completely flat, causing problems like foot pain and other kinds of complications and risks of injuries.

One should have any persistent foot pain checked by a doctor so that the diagnosis and treatment may happen in a timely manner.

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