Suffering from dry itchy eyes – Here is what you can do

Dry eye is a syndrome or a medical condition wherein the eye lubricant is not sufficient, or there is a lack of moisture in the surface layer. It is a very bothering ailment where there is a constant itchiness in the eyes sometimes with a red hue, due to an inflamed cornea. The affected individual can face phases of irritation and utter helplessness. Hence it becomes crucial to avail chronic dry eye relief.

Some of the beneficial dry and itchy eyes treatment that you can employ are listed below.

  • Artificial tear drops: In case the symptoms of dry eyes are mild to moderate, artificial tear drops can be used as a chronic dry eye relief. These artificial lubricators help the eyes to stay moist, and if your doctor prescribes, you can also use it multiple times a day. The viscosity of some artificial tear drops is low. They neither tend to blur your vision nor give a burning sensation when applied. Some of these are gel-based, and their viscosity is higher, which makes the effect long lasting.
  • Steroid eye drops: In case the dry eye symptoms exceed the moderation scale, especially when it is combined with inflammation, doctors prescribe steroid eye drops. The artificial eye drops cannot cater to inflammation reduction which the steroid formula can. As steroid drops can potentially lead to high eye pressure, they should be strictly used under medical prescription.
  • Warm compress: One of the easiest chronic dry eye relief treatment includes applying heat from a warm compress. This allows blood circulation in the eyes and gradually promotes tear formation. A warm moist cloth can work well for this. It is essential to maintain a temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit and never go beyond this range.
  • Coconut oil: This oil is used as an effective chronic dry eye relief. Coconut contains anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce the swelling of the eyes. Also, the fatty acid composition in coconut contributes to retain the moisture and does not let the lubricant evaporate.

With these remedies, one can sort out the discomfort of chronic dry eye and avail much-needed relief.

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