Some of the best senior assisted living facilities in San Diego

Brookdale Carlsbad
Brookdale Carlsbad is one of the best senior assisted living facilities in San Diego as it provides comfort and tranquility to seniors who have decided to spend their retirement in a peaceful place. Brookdale has a garden, twenty rooms, and healthcare professionals specialized in medical services that include heart, arthritis, and diabetes check-ups. The company also provides up to three tours every year.

Silvergate Rancho Bernardo
Silvergate Rancho Bernardo is another alternative for retirement. Silvergate is currently under reconstruction seeking to provide better services. So far, Silvergate is one of the few senior assisted living facilitiesthat offer:

  1. A restaurant: Seniors can customize their menus here. This is an important service provided by the company because most of them suffer from a disease.
  2. A park and a gym: Everything is related to wellness when it comes to Silvergate Carlsbad. Dance therapy and callisthenic sessions are two of the activities promoted at Rancho Bernardo.
  3. A gym: This gym has three personal trainers with wide knowledge about special workout routines for seniors.
  4. Three places of worship: A Catholic church, an Evangelical Christian church, and a Mosque.

Family Style Care II
This place is one of the most recognized senior assisted living facilities in San Diego. It’s located on Morning Street. Family Style Care offers medical care and massages for the elderly. They have also staffed a group of psychologists and psychoanalysts to provide psychological support. The retirement site is associated with several hospitals of San Diego to ensure health assistance in case of emergency or a regrettable incident.

Baron’s Presidio
Baron’s Presidio is also one of the most popular senior assisted living facilities. At Baron’s Presidio, seniors can enjoy free Wi-Fi connection, conferences, workshops, recreational activities, and special menus in the three restaurants at Baron’s Presidio. There’s also a café and a little chapel for the devotees.

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