Senior independent living – The second innings community residence

Senior independent living communities popularly referred as the retirement communities or the senior living communities are basically independent homes designed for the retirement communities of the age of 55 years and above.

Senior independent living communities mostly provide common apartments but, at times they also provide certain cottages, single-family homes, and condominiums. Basically, this place is a residence to the senior citizens not needing the daily assistance in terms of 24X7 medical or day-to-day activities. Here, the residents enjoy their mutual friendly surroundings along with social opportunities to mingle with the individuals of the similar types and nature. Thus, this is the place to make the best out of the retirement years.

Cost involved in senior independent living
The senior independent living is generally less expensive as compared to the other three primary senior living options. Even though the monthly cost involved may vary based on the community type chosen, the size of the apartment, services, and the location, on an average, the total cost ranges around $2,750 per month. There is a very little cost associated with senior independent living as compared to the cost associated with assisted living or nursing homes.

Benefits of senior independent living
Following are the benefits of senior independent living.

  • Low maintenance and trouble-free living
  • Opportunities for socialization and entertainment
  • Service facilities like television, phone, electricity, Internet, water, and heat are included in the monthly rent itself
  • Additional facilities including a swimming pool and fitness area is available in-house, without the trouble of maintenance or additional cost
  • Senior independent living provides a great option to have your own peace of mind with the age and through similar people staying together
  • Even though a 24X7 assistance isn’t available in-house, in case of emergency and need, help is always nearby and just a call away

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