Redefining seniors assisted living and its issues

Seniors assisted living is a living residence that is used as a long-term care option for the seniors and provides personal care and support services like meals, bathing, medication management, transportation, and dressing.

Let’s take a look at the current statistics to find out more about seniors assisted living in the US:

  1. Number of assisted living communities = 31, 100
  2. Number of apartments to accommodate these families = 475, 000
  3. Total number of senior residents = 735, 000
  4. Average time-span of stay = 36 months
  5. Number of residents who receive three or more ADLs = 40%

The concept started 25 years ago and now seniors assisted living is one of the fastest growing senior care options. With a variety of services, they are simply the best housing solution for the seniors who want to live independently, but require a bit of assistance. After all, golden years are to be fully enjoyed.

Some of the basic services offered:

  1. 24-hour security and supervision
  2. Exercise and health programs
  3. Daily meals
  4. Social programs
  5. Basic housekeeping
  6. Transportation
  7. Laundry
  8. Medical services

The various downsides of seniors assisted living are

  1. Cost-prohibitive
  2. Some of the seniors find it difficult to adjust with the policies
  3. Do not offer an extensive level of care for some critical medical conditions

Many seniors prefer staying at home because they might have trouble in adjusting with the group. More importantly, some of the facilities provide semi- private rooms and staying with a roommate at this age is quite challenging.

Moreover, these facilities don’t provide with as extensive health or medical care as a nursing home or hospital. Rather seniors with problems like Alzheimer’s or moderate dementia, for which intensive care is required, would find it more suitable to stay in these facilities.

Cost is also a major setback for a number of seniors. Since Medicare is not authorized to cover the costing of such living facilities, it is difficult for the seniors. Also, along with the monthly charge, an additional charge is added for personal care.

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