Reasons for suffering from chronic allergies

We have all had allergy symptoms, which seem to go away once the season passes. So, are seasons the only reason that these symptoms arise? Are there other reasons that make you seem to struggle at times? What makes you different from someone who constantly takes medication for his/her allergies. The difference is chronic allergies.

If you are suffering from any chronic allergy, then your allergy symptoms will persist over a long period of time. A seasonal allergy will pass away once the irritant or the problem passes. Many people suffer from chronic allergies and this could be for several reasons:

  • Aging: As we age, there is a big chance that our immune system weakens and it refuses to fight or is unable to fight the bacteria or allergens. In such a case, the irritant or allergen becomes unbearable and the person constantly suffers. There are ways to tackle this and one method is to build a better immune system – eating healthy and exercising regularly can change how your body reacts to such allergens. The allergy symptoms will automatically subside.
  • Further irritants: Often what triggers an allergic reaction can tend to worsen the second time around and this may be due to the presence of some other irritants in the air. Typically, it is seen that when you are allergic to a certain thing, it lessens your capacity to tackle other allergens as well. This will almost surely worsen your allergy symptoms.
  • Genetic: Apart from allergies triggered by allergens, pollen or food, a tendency to develop an allergy is also created by your genes. If someone in your family has allergies, then he/she has passed on that tendency to you, which gets triggered when you come in contact with the allergen or bacteria.

Chronic allergies can also be managed sufficiently with a knowledge of the triggers. Making changes to your life, knowing and avoiding the triggers will allow you to lead a happy, healthy and allergy-free life.

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