Quick tips to fight allergies

Whatever your allergy, suffering from allergy symptoms year round or during the time when pollen seems the strongest is probably the toughest thing to do. Whether they are indoor allergies caused by dust, food, mold or outdoor allergies like weeds, poison ivy or pollen, they need to be treated with caution. Reducing your dependence on medications will help you to recover your health quicker and lead a more positive life without the problems of side effects.

Here we suggest some tricks to control your allergy symptoms.

  • Sunglasses: You will be surprised to know that there are more than 20 million people who suffer from allergies. One of the most common allergy symptoms is irritation and redness in the eyes. This can be easily avoided by using sunglasses. Not only do they look stylish, but will also help you prevent hay fever, which is common when the spores or pollen get into the exposed eye. The ideal ones should wrap around your eye, with very little exposed so as to prevent the spores from getting into your eyes.
  • Wash and dry bedding and soft toys: Keeping dust mites at bay is the biggest gift you can give yourself. These dust mites live everywhere around the house and seem to love soft toys and bedding especially. Make sure you give a good hot water wash to all your bedding and soft toys. These also need to be put in a hot dryer, which will kill the dust mites that cause severe allergies. Children are the worst affected by these dust mites.
  • Smart vacationing: Make sure you vacation at a time when you know your allergy symptoms are the least. While it may be impossible to vacation all through the season, choosing the time when it is the least may be sensible and save you some trouble. Further, if you plan to travel by road, ensure you keep your windows rolled up and pick a location which is pollen-free.

Allergies need not rule your life. Making sensible choices and taking care will allow you to lead a comfortable and healthy life, free from allergies.

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