Protect your senior family members with the best senior’s cell phone deals

Needless to say, as you grow old, your sources of income reduce, and along with that, your expenses shoot up.

However, a few things are necessary, and compromising on them may cost you dearly. One such thing is cell phones for senior citizens and senior’s cell phone deals. Notwithstanding the high tariff plans, phones are necessary, and low-cost senior’s cell phone deals are the need of the hour, not only to keep the seniors close to their relatives but also during emergencies when their health or security is compromised.

Features Required

  • Senior’s cell phone deals should have no contract or monthly bills.
  • The call rates should be low compared to plans that belong to the working class. Seniors do not need to make long calls or surf the internet.
  • The plan must enable government subsidized offers to ensure seniors pay as less as possible, not only on phone calls but also on text messages.
  • Two best senior’s cell phone deals

Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan
Here we have the most anticipated deal from Verizon for senior citizens that comes with the flip handsets and the Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus plan. This is arguably the best deal for seniors. This 2-year long tariff deal is designed to offer the greatest and solid fast remote system in the US, to look after the need of seniors who are not big fans of texting or talking. In this arrangement, Verizon offers fewer minutes to bring down costs with no local long-distance rates. What’s more, it comes with one time $35 enactment expenses.

AT&T Senior Nation 200 Plan
This deal is from AT&T and is known as Senior Nation 200 plan. In this deal, AT&T comes up with two years of the contract for citizens above 65. Like Verizon’s, it has low-value minutes. Moreover, the plan has separate arrangements for low-cost texting as well as for the data usage. It is no surprise, then, that this plan has become an instant hit across the nation.

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