Pros and cons of probiotic yogurt

Probiotics, along with yogurt, offer large health benefits with no other side effects. Hence, you can simply expect great things when both (probiotics and yogurt) these are mixed. The yogurt provides nutritional value in the form protein and calcium. The probiotics assist you to keep your digestive tract healthy and support your immune system. However, probiotic yogurts might cause tiny side effects like gastric problems or stomach upset. Sometimes, probiotics may also lead to serious infections.

Even bacteria have to meet a few requirements to get considered as probiotics. Probiotics must make the live microbial organisms that simply survive digestion, as well as remain alive in your gut. This will exert a beneficial effect in your large intestine. While probiotics assist in boosting your immune system, it prevents the harmful bacteria from being developed as well as inhibit toxins from bad bacteria. Here are some of the pros and cons of consuming probiotic yogurts.

Gastrointestinal Problems
Probiotic yogurts might assist you to relieve symptoms from the gastrointestinal disorders like the irritable bowel syndrome as well as the inflammatory bowel disease. Even yogurt with active live cultures is able to treat diarrhea. The very common problem that occurs after consuming probiotics are gas and bloating. In case you consume rich amounts of probiotics, you might suffer from severe stomach problems or may even develop diarrhea. However, these symptoms are generally mild and temporary.

Uncommon Side Effects
Probiotics generally create infections in those who are severely ill or have very weak immune systems, a condition that is well-known as short bowel syndrome, where some of the small intestine has been missing or is surgically removed. It might even make you suffer severely by developing an infection from the probiotics.
Lactobacillus acidophilus may even make people with an artificial heart valve get infected. In case you consume medications for ulcerative colitis, then probiotics may interfere with the medication’s metabolism.

Observe sugar, calories, and expiration
There are mainly two potential concerns which are related to yogurt and arrive from the added sugar as well as the calories. As per the brand, the content of sugar may vary from 9 grams to 40 grams per 8-ounce serving. However, calories range from about 120 to 280.

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