Popular urinary incontinence products for women

One of most common issues faced by women, especially after menopause is that of urinary incontinence. There could be many reasons for urinary incontinence including pregnancy, lax pelvic floor muscles post-pregnancy, or after menopause. Weak or overactive bladder muscles, repeated UTIs, and nerve damage (in some cases) are also prominent causes. It is estimated that over 25 million women in America alone, suffer from mild or heavy incontinence. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises do go a long way in gradually developing the strength of the bladder muscles.

Whatever the cause, women experience varying degrees of discomfort with involuntary spurting of urine when coughing or laughing or continued dripping post urination. While seen as an embarrassing condition, advances in healthcare technology have made it possible for the manufacture of a wide range of urinary incontinence products that can help women cope with urinary incontinence.

Bladder control pads, one of the effective urinary incontinence products, are made to absorb the chemical composition of urine and also rapid urine dispersal. Thus, they are different from regular sanitary napkins that are designed only to absorb menstrual fluids.

Protective underwear for women is another useful urinary incontinence product that can give great peace of mind and prevent any unexpected, embarrassing situations. These pull-on underwear are easy to use and come with a high waistline in a highly absorbent fabric. There are disposable and reusable varieties available. Several brands of protective underwear also offer odor control and side panels with breathability. Fitted incontinence underwear looks very similar to normal women’s underwear and hence, have the advantage of discreetness.

For those with very heavy incontinence as well as those who have restricted mobility adult diapers can prove to be both comfortable and hygienic. Many adult diaper brands come with adjustable tracks so that they can be changed even when seated or lying down. Wetness indicators are added features in these urinary incontinence products so that hygiene is maintained for prolonged diaper use may cause rashes or even urinary tract infections in women.

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