Popular smartphone plans for seniors – An overview

A wide number of operators are available in the market offering the best smartphone plans for seniors. You can avail of these plans without burning a hole in your pocket. Here is a list of the most popular smartphone plans for seniors.

MetroPCS is one of the worth mentioning operators that offer smartphone plans for seniors. It enables you to take the benefits of the premium quality network T-Mobile. With MetroPCS, you will be able to stream music from chosen services without the consumption of monthly data.

If you are looking forward to saving a significant amount of money on the next monthly bill, you will come across a dozen of affordable carriers that are in the business. They offer a combination of text, talk, and data limits.

Though a wide number of prepaid carriers offer monthly plans with unlimited 4G LTE data, MetroPCS has gained high prominence in beating them with the superb network performance. The operator offers two options for unlimited data. In the 50$ plan, the data is restricted to a resolution of 480p. The $60 plan, on the other hand, offers high definition video streaming in addition to 8GB of mobile hotspot data.

Cricket is considered to be one of best operators offering beneficial smartphone plans for seniors. It has raised the amount of data on the plans. A family of four members will be able to get a data of 4GB on a monthly basis for $100.

With a plethora of options, T-Mobile is considered to be the best choice in case you are planning to travel overseas. You will be getting free and unlimited 2G roaming in almost 120 countries, which is sufficient for basic web usage, texting, and emailing. Moreover, you will able to make calls to Mexico and Canada without any additional charges.

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