Popular gluten-free foods

If you happen to have gluten intolerance, the body reacts to any gluten ingested badly and damages the inner lining of the gut. The symptoms of gluten intolerance include bloating, diarrhea, headache, fatigue etc. This happens only when gluten is consumed or ingested. By avoiding the intake of gluten, the gut heals and the symptoms disappear. A majority of the naturally occurring consumables are gluten free. Let us have a look at all the things that can be consumed when one follows a gluten-free diet.

  • Meat: All meats are considered as gluten-free foods prior to them getting cooked. It is the method of cooking and seasoning that adds gluten. Meat in its natural state is 100% gluten free. Any kind of meat, whether it is antelope, beef, bacon, buffalo, camel, chicken, duck, goat, lamb, rabbit, or pork, it is all gluten-free when in its natural state.
  • Seafood: Most of the seafood is gluten-free before it is seasoned or is prepared. Bass, catfish, carp, clam, cod, crab, cuttlefish, eel, herring, king fish, lobster, mackerel, marlin, mussel, octopus, oyster, pike, salmon, tuna, and trout are some of the famous gluten-free foods.
  • Fruits: Almost all the fruits, be it common or exotic, are gluten free. Apple (naturally occurring), apricots, bananas, blackberry, blueberry, cantaloupe, cherry, cranberry, date, fig, grapes, guava, kiwi, lemon, lime, mango, orange, papaya, peach, pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon are gluten free in its natural form. On a special note, canned versions of these fruits may or may not have gluten. It’s best to check the ingredients before buying one.
  • Vegetables: Avocado, asparagus, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, corn, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, lettuce, mushroom, onions, pepper, peas, spinach, potato, and sweet potato are some of the gluten-free vegetables; however, like fruits, when buying canned vegetables, it is always best to the check the label to verify if any hidden gluten is present.

Special attention needs to be paid when buying grains, flour, and rice. Many supermarkets provide gluten-free grains and flour. Do ensure to check the label for any gluten content when buying gluten-free foods.

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