Poise bladder control – Make the right call at the right moment

Women do not need to worry anymore about sudden leaks while working or relaxing. Many women in the country suffer from uncontrolled flow from their bladder. As a boon to all, Poise has introduced effective bladder control products that make the right call at the right moment without fail.

Poise Bladder Control Device- the safe bet to manage urinary incontinence

These bladder control products are designed to manage Stress Urinary Incontinence. These tampon-like devices help prevent sudden leaks without the use of pads, in the most comfortable way possible.

Available in a wide range of sizes, Poise allows women to find a suitable match for the best and most comfortable experience. Through intelligent control and detection, the device detects whenever you are going to experience sudden leakage. The quality and safe design ensure that the users have no problems while wearing the device, moving around while wearing it or during removal of the state-of-the-art device.

No more leakage

Poise Bladder Control devices do not absorb your leakage. Instead, they stop urinary leakage with intelligent detection. After precise insertion of the product into your urethra, the device intelligently detects the exact moment when you might suffer a sudden leakage. Poise bladder control applies pressure to your pathway of the leakage thereby closing it for the moment. Users can lead an active and stress-free life without worrying about any absorbent or leakage problems.

Other products from Poise

Poise also offers several other products that cater to different needs of women. While some women need to manage only a slight leak, others may require a product to be used through the night. A few patients may need to manage a heavy outflow of urine, while others may want comfortable bladder control products. Poise has a wide range of products that cater to every need. Be it the thin pads that offer maximum comfort, the light pads for light absorbency or the overnight pads for a good night’s sleep or maximum pads for maximum absorbency. Poise products serve all purposes.

This revolutionary bladder control product has introduced a whole new spectrum of devices for women with bladder problems, to move around freely without having to worry about their urinary incontinence.

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