Points to remember when looking for addiction treatment centers

There are many individuals who cannot afford to go to rehab and drug alcohol treatment centers. Bearing the financial cost becomes difficult for them if they are unemployed, homeless, or struggling physically or emotionally. Entering a program seems impossible if there is no money available. It is beyond the family to afford rehab and home detox is not the solution. Public assistance and free rehab centers do exist; however, these would not have that many services as a luxury alcohol rehab center would. There are many options available for people who wish to seek drug alcohol treatment centers for less money or even for free.

Start your search: Your search can start by looking up the government’s initiative SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). They provide help to addicts at their homes. It is not easy to know if they provide free help without getting in touch with the state agencies.

State-funded rehab: The state-funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation services help can be accessed by those with no income or insurance. They have to be an official resident of the state (as per the state’s definition), should have valid proofs of a lack of income and insurance, should be a legal resident of the US, and should provide proof of their addiction status and need for intervention. Depending on which state you reside in, there may be other requirements before he/she is accepted into the treatment program. After all the requirements are fulfilled, the state will deem that the client cannot pay and may provide free treatment at various levels through their clinics /treatment centers. To get free rehab services, one can get in touch with the state/local mental health or substance abuse agency. They have many health agency networks working within the government. SAMHSA makes it easy for people to find out whom to contact. State government websites also provide valuable information on how to apply for these services.

Faith-based rehab centers: Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, Harbor Light Detox, Orthodox Jewish Chabad movement recovery program, JACs – Jewish community addiction resource group, Alcoholics Victorious, and Christians in Recovery are some popular addiction treatment centers in the country. These provide religious motivation, counseling, and support group programs. These faith-based programs are free.

Provisions: Depending on who is providing the source funding, free rehab can include services from intensive inpatient care to simple outpatient medical maintenance. State-funded programs are likely to cover the full range of treatment though they may not have the current technology or methods available.

Qualification criteria: To avail the services of free rehab, the qualifying factor is the inability to pay. Other qualifications include being a resident of the state where treatment is provided, being pregnant or a war veteran, or a member of the faith community that runs the specific faith-based rehab.

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