Phone plans for seniors – Option available

Various companies offer various phone and data plans to their customers according to their needs and want. While most companies strive to provide maximum data and talk time at the most reasonable rates to lure customers, seniors might not opt for these phone plans as they do not need them.

To combat this issue, Companies are developing phone plans for seniors based on their needs and monthly income. Since it is a commonly known fact that seniors will require much less talk time and data that a younger person might, seniors often do not want to spend that extra chunk of money for these phone plans., so companies are coming up with budget phone plans for them.

The four best phone companies providing senior phone plans are:

Here are some of the most lucrative phone plans for seniors:

  • T-Mobile Plan for seniors (Pay As You Go)- Pay $3 per month only and enjoy a combination of 30 minutes per month or 30 text messages per month. Additional usage will cost you 10 cents a minute. This plan is as cheap and economical as it gets and is one of the best options available.
  • AT&T GoPhone Daily plan- Pay only $2 on the days you use your phone. On the days you do not use your phone, get unlimited texts and calls.
  • Verizon- Simply pay $40 for 3GB internet and unlimited calls and texts for the month.
  • Virgin Mobile- Pay $35 for 5GB data and unlimited calls and texts monthly.

These are some of the more affordable phone plans that seniors can use. Since their needs are limited, these serve as the best phone plans for them to afford and enjoy to the fullest.

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