Operators for choosing the best senior’s cell phone deals

A wide number of phone operators have come up in the United States market offering a wide variety of plans and deals to seniors. Here is a list of the top operators that offer the best senior’s cell phone deals.

T-Mobile offers ONE plan at the rate of $70 on a monthly basis in case you want unlimited data every month. The plan is considered to be highly appealing and offers the best senior’s cell phone deals. You can watch 480p video on the smartphone-sized screen.

AT&T — Unlimited Plan
The unlimited data option of AT&T comes with two unlimited plans. The better choice is the Unlimited Plus Plan of $90. It enables streaming high-definition videos and offers 10GB of hotspot data. You also have eligibility for higher discounts on DIRECTV. The other plan can be availed at a price of $60 on a monthly basis for streamlining standard definition videos.

AT&T — Unlimited Plan is also worth mentioning if you are looking for senior’s cell phone deals. It is not completely without limits, as you make use of 32GB of data in the billing cycle, there will be a reduction of the speed.

Verizon is considered to be the best option if you do not require unlimited data caveats. Starters require enrolling in autopay for getting the $55 on a month price. It can be availed in case you have only one phone on the Verizon network. The 5GB of data is considered to be more than enough for most of the people. You will be capable of enjoying wide savings on the $80 monthly charge of Verizon for unlimited data. As the Verizon comes with rollover data, the data which is unused at the end of the month will be allotted to the next month.

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