Omega 3 – How it serves as a great health supplement

Dietary supplements are beneficial for the body, but at the same time, it does involve health risks. These dietary or health supplements are in regulation with the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

Let us see the benefits of Omega-3 as health supplements :

Heart health: According to a study, it was found that when patients replenished their meals with fish oils, they reduced the risks of heart attacks, strokes or death. People who consumed fish more than once a week had 50 percent lower risk of dying of heart diseases than people who consumed fish less than once a month.

Depression and Anxiety: It helps fight depression which includes symptoms like sadness, lethargy, and loss of interest in life. Anxiety is also reduced to a certain extent by consuming Omega 3 which is characterized by symptoms like constant worry and nervousness. Three types of Omega 3 fatty acids exist which are ALA, EPA, and DHA. EPA has been seen to be the winner in fighting depression. It also plays the role of an anti-depressant drug such as Prozac.

  • Eye Health: This health supplement consists of DHA, which is a major structural component of the brain and retina of the eye. Vision problems start becoming evident when the body lacks DHA.
  • Pregnancy: Omega-3’s are essential for the development of the brain in infants. It is highly beneficial for the children in the following aspects such as Increased intelligence, enhanced communication, and social skills, less behavioral problems, the risk of ADHD and diseases like autism and cerebral palsy also decreases.
  • ADHD: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children is a dangerous one. Improvising the meal of your child with doses of Omega 3 helps reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Numerous studies have found that children who have ADHD have lower blood levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to increase concentration and the ability to do tasks correctly. Impulsiveness, aggression, and restlessness can also be decreased.
  • Inflammation: Body requires inflammation to repair damaged cells in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids act as health supplements which help to reduce the production of molecules and substances such as inflammatory eicosanoids and cytokines.

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