Medicare approved medical equipment suppliers

Elderly individuals who have Medicare benefits can buy their medical equipment and supplies at subsidized costs provided the strict requirements are met with by the buyer and the seller. Medical equipment includes all tools and devices that are used by individuals at home. These include wound care, wheelchairs, bath benches, pumps, glucose meters, syringes, thermometers, blood processing devices, monitoring systems, bath benches, mobility ramps, commodes, walkers, and medical supplies such as latex gloves, adult diapers, catheters and more.

Some of the requirements that Medicare sets for these products to be eligible for concession or full coverage include the requirement for the devices to withstand repeated use, must last for at least three years or more, and should be suited for appropriate use at home. The primary purpose of the device should be medical in use, and these devices should be restricted for use only for those individuals who are down with an illness or an injury. The most important criteria are that these devices should be provided only by Medicare-approved suppliers, and the device has to be medically prescribed and necessary for recovery or sustenance.

Provided that the requirements are met, it is essential to identify the right Medicare-approved medical equipment supplier, failing which the whole cost-cutting agenda would be fruitless. All Medicare-approved suppliers would have a unique supplier number provided by Medicare, and an individual should always purchase from stores that are approved by Medicare to sell such equipment. Not-following any of these steps will result in the individual paying up for the medical equipment supplies, and there would be no way to get a refund or other benefits. There are two types of medical equipment suppliers approved by Medicare – the participating suppliers, and the approved suppliers who do not participate. An approved supplier is allowed to charge up to 15% above the Medicare-approved amount, and the individual has to pay the bill first and then claim for reimbursement from Medicare. With the participating suppliers, one can directly purchase via Medicare.

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