Leg muscle pain treatments that work

Leg muscle pain can lead to many lifestyle issues along with constant pain and weakness in the legs. While there are many causes of this kind of pain, there are a number of treatment methods as well. These methods of treatment will depend on the main cause for the leg muscle pain. So here are a few treatment methods that actually work!

Rest: This is one of the foremost things that one should do in order to treat leg muscle pain. It would be beneficial to keep your leg in an elevated position for better blood circulation and to give it some rest as well.

Compression Socks and Stockings: This is an ideal way to treat leg muscle pain that occurs due to nerve damage. Nerve damage usually happens when the patient is suffering from diabetic neuropathy or any other such nerve related condition. In such cases, the compression socks and stockings give support to the legs and prevent the numbness from setting in as the blood circulation will be kept constant.

Heat and Cold Treatment: If you have recently suffered an injury or an accident which may have led to acute leg muscle pain, then it would be a good idea to use a cold compress or ice packs to ease the pain. In case there is inflammation and chronic pain, then you will need to use heating pads and hot water bags.

Stretching Exercises: There are some stretching exercises and physiotherapy methods that can be used to stretch the muscles and keep the joints well lubricated. It will help in easing the pain. You can try the towel hook exercises by holding a towel against your heels and pressing upwards while you are on your back, or you can try walking as well to ease the pain.

Before you try any method for leg muscle pain, it is important to have a word with your doctor regarding the reason as well as the medication for the same. You will also need to speak with a physiotherapist before you try out any new methods of stretching exercises so that you do not aggravate the problem.

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