Know the top causes for dry itchy eyes

Chronic dry eyes cause the upper surface of the eyeball to be dry due to lack of moisture. Often this condition is accompanied by soreness or inflammation with bouts of irritating itchiness. Chronic dry eye relief can only be obtained, if we can diagnose and prevent the causes.

If you want chronic dry eye relief, you should be aware of the below-listed causes for the ailment.

  • Eye stress: If your eyes get strained due to over stressing, then it might lead to evaporation of the natural lubricant present underneath the eyelids, encircling the eyeball. In some case, the eyes can also become light sensitive and can react or have blurry vision. Looking at the desktop monitor or your mobile phone or any electronic device for an extended period can give you eye strain. In such cases, chronic dry eye relief can be obtained through heat compressors.
  • Allergens: Allergens like pet, chemicals, pollen particles, foreign objects or dust particles can inflict an itchy feeling when they come in contact with the eye surface. These can act as triggers for dry eyes. Avoiding polluted places is considered to be a safety measure in ensuring chronic dry eye relief.
  • Hormonal imbalances: Many times it is observed that women taking birth control pills, or those during pregnancy or menopause undergo hormonal changes that affect their body functionality including the eyes, thereby making them dry.
  • Eye infection: Certain eye infections like blepharitis and conjunctivitis can lead to dry eye syndrome. Eye infection often leads to eye scratching. In such cases of dry, itchy eyes, treatment in the form of artificial drops according to the doctor’s prescription can be used.
  • Contact lenses: Contact lenses are also one among the top causes of dry eyes. In many cases, these lenses affect the cornea and tend to swell the eyes, leading to itchiness and dryness as the water glands of the eyes are affected.

Dry eyes can create a lot of difficulty in vision, but it can be cured and prevented as well. The prevention, however, is only possible by knowing the reasons behind the dryness and taking required measures in the right direction.

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