Know about the smallest portable oxygen concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are mobile devices used to assist in the quick delivery of oxygen to people who suffer from certain health conditions that result in the need for a greater concentration of oxygen than that which is present in ambient air. POCs come in varying sizes and small variations.

How do POCs work?

The POC functions with the help of an inner mechanism that sucks in and compresses ambient air, filters the nitrogen present in the air and delivers oxygen using a mask in most cases. Portable oxygen concentrators may be both homes based, which only allows you to process the air in a room or mobile which allows you to carry your concentrator outdoors. The outdoor POCs are equipped with highly advanced filters that effectively remove pollutants from the oxygen you breathe in with the help of these devices.

Smallest POCs available in the market
A POC is considered small when it weighs 5 lbs or less. A few of the popular small portable oxygen concentrators are:

  • AirSep Focus- Weighs 1.75 lbs without batteries and 2.81 lbs with two batteries. With a height of 6.4 inches and width of 4.8 inches, this light model has a maximum pulse of 330 ml/min and a battery life of seven hours.
  • AirSep Freestyle- Weighing 4.4 lbs with batteries, this model can give a maximum of 498 ml/min with a battery power for three hours.
  • Activox- With a weight of 4.3 lbs, this can deliver up to 3 LPMeq, and the batteries have an incredibly long life of up to 13 hours.
  • Respironics SimplyFlo- This is the smallest member in the stationed Oxygen Concentrators. It can deliver continuous flow oxygen of 3000 ml/min and weighs 9 lbs.

Downsides of small POCs
The POCs are available in small, medium, and large sizes. As the size decreases, the output delivered by the machine also decreases. Hence, while opting for the lowest portable oxygen concentrator, it is best to assess if the device would cater to your health needs.

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