Kegel exercise benefits for men

Kegel exercises involve the pelvic muscles and can help with many medical problems. Kegel for men is not very commonly heard of unlike exercises for women. But Kegel exercises are also recommended for men to treat conditions related to bladder, bowel and sexual function.

Here are the benefits of kegel for men.

Help with Incontinence Problems
Kegel for men can help with mild to severe urinary and in some cases even fecal incontinence.

  • Kegel exercises can help men with urinary incontinence. Regular practice of kegel exercises can help men prevent urine leakage. Men who have the urge to urinate often due to prostate problems can also benefit from doing kegel exercises. Some men can dribble urine after they just finished urinating. Such problems can be helped with these exercises.
  • Urinary incontinence can occur due to diabetes, after prostate cancer surgery or any bladder problem. With Kegel exercises, it can even be possible to ultimately improve the condition or regain the muscle control.
  • Kegel exercise can aid men who have fecal incontinence. Some men who have urinary incontinence may also experience bowel control problems.

Help with Sexual Dysfunction
Kegel for men can be very beneficial in problems of sexual dysfunction.

  • Due to medical conditions, men can experience premature ejaculation. Kegel can help by increasing the duration of men’s erections.
  • Other sexual problems like erectile dysfunction can also get better with kegel.
  • In most cases, regular kegel exercises can help improve overall sexual functions in men.

Other advantages of kegel for men –

  • You can do it anytime; anywhere. There is no special equipment needed for kegel exercises.
  • You can do kegel without anyone knowing about it. You can work on your pelvic floor muscles in a crowded place, and no one will know.
  • There are no side effects of kegel exercises. Either the condition improves, or it doesn’t. Doing kegel exercises won’t worsen your incontinence or sexual dysfunction problem.

Consult your doctor before starting Kegel exercises if you have undergone surgery or suffer from a medical condition. And be patient as it can be a few months before you see any improvement.

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