Is it good to eat dairy during diarrhea

A good diarrhoea diet can significantly improve the condition. Some foods can cause diarrheal symptoms while others can either improve or worsen the condition.

Some best foods to stop diarrhoea are white rice, banana and yoghurt. Some of the worst foods for diarrhoea are cauliflower, broccoli, beans and milk.

But how can dairy in your diet be both good and bad?

The Truth about Dairy and Diarrhea

Dairy products contain lactose, which is a type of natural sugar. The people who cannot digest lactose can develop an intolerance for the substance. Such foods then become triggers for symptoms like diarrhoea and other intestinal problems.

How dairy causes diarrhoea?

The body digests lactose with the help of an enzyme known as lactase. It is found in the small intestine. When the lactase production is not sufficient, consuming dairy can lead to diarrhoea.

Consuming dairy products like milk and sour cream during diarrhoea can worsen the symptoms. This is even true for those who are not intolerant of lactose. This is because diarrhoea can affect the production of lactase in the intestine; temporarily causing problems with digestion of lactose. This can cause bloating, gas and more diarrhoea.

Why is yoghurt good to eat during diarrhoea?

Yoghurt contains live microorganisms that aid digestion. During diarrhoea, good gut bacteria are lost. A diarrhoea diet that includes yoghurt can replenish the intestines with much-needed good bacteria. Yoghurt also contains lactic acid, which helps to kill bad gut bacteria.

Most people with lactose intolerance can eat yoghurt without any problems. This is mostly due to probiotics or good bacteria in yoghurt.

How to eat yoghurt for treating diarrhoea?

If you want to make yoghurt a part of your diarrhoea diet, it needs to be unsweetened and free of all artificial flavours.

You can eat a bowl of plain yoghurt for breakfast and lunch during diarrhoea bouts. To keep your intestines healthy and avoid diarrhoea, including yoghurt in your diet on a daily basis. You can eat it with breakfast cereal, rice dishes and as dips.

If you suffer from chronic diarrhoea, talk to your doctor to know the underlying cause.

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