How to prevent pollen allergy

As the spring arrives, many of you start dreading pollen allergy. Before turning towards medication or pollen allergy remedies, here are some ways in which you can prevent the allergy from affecting you.

Keep your windows closed
Try to keep windows and doors in your house closed. Do this mainly during the morning hours. You can turn on the AC as well.

Prevent pollen from following you inside
 Take a shower as soon as you enter the house. Wash your hair as well. Our bodies are a pollen carrier during the high pollen season such as spring. Skin and hair attract pollen, which can trigger allergic reactions during the sleeping hours. Try to clean your pet/s as well.

Consume natural antihistamine food
Eat natural food that has natural antihistamine properties such as garlic, onions, citrus, and apples. They are considered one of the best pollen allergy remedies.

Make your immune system pollen resistant
Try to consume one or two teaspoons per day of locally produced bee pollen or honey so that your immune system can build resistance towards the local pollen. If you can build some resistance in your body towards pollen, you can save a lot of trouble using pollen allergy remedies.

Wear a mask and big sunglasses
Wear a big mask in the high pollen season such as painter’s mask. It would not look aesthetic but it would save you a lot of trouble. Wearing big sunglasses would also help you prevent any allergies in the eyes.

Meditate and calm down
Although it seems strange, it has been observed that when you are calm and composed your body reacts less severely in comparison to the time when you are already stressed. The reason is that stress increases Cortisol in the body, which makes your body, react more aggressively to the allergy.

Remove your carpet
Pollens can easily stick to the carpet and get difficult to remove. If you live in a high pollen area, it is recommended to avoid the carpet altogether and use the hard floor.

Help yourself to prevent the seasonal pollen allergy without using the traditional pollen allergy remedies such as allopathic medication.

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