How to deal with relapsed multiple myeloma

Are you aware that patients with myeloma can have a relapse even after treatment? Multiple myeloma does not have any cure yet, so the chances of a relapse are hard to avoid. Relapsed myeloma is also known as recurrent myeloma. When you have relapsed multiple myeloma, the first thing you must do is consult your doctor. Discussing the possible treatments that are available with your doctors will help you deal with this disease effectively.

If you do have relapsed multiple myeloma, it could mean that your previous treatment failed to achieve the effective results. It is therefore advisable to seek a second opinion before proceeding with any of the treatments available. Here are some of the common ways in which relapsed multiple myeloma is dealt with:

  • Medications: Various medicines are available in the market to treat relapsed multiple myeloma. These include precision medicines, IMiDs (immunomodulatory drugs), proteasome inhibitors, alkylating agents (chemotherapy) and steroids.
  • High-dose Therapy and Stem Cell Transplant: A high dose of chemotherapy works effectively in killing cancerous cells. However, high doses of chemotherapy also destroy the cells in your bone marrow. It is dangerous as these cells ultimately mature to red blood cells. To tackle this, a stem cell transplant could be necessary for the body to function properly.
  • Maintenance Therapy: Maintenance therapy is the ongoing use of chemotherapy or other treatments for a long time. This could be done for a few months or even years. A continuous treatment procedure will lower the risk of contracting the disease, and over time, it may stop the development of the cancerous cells that cause myeloma.

Relapsed multiple myeloma is quite common in patients who have previously had this disease. The above treatments will help to keep the myeloma in check and prevent the growth of cancerous cells. If necessary, you may consult more than one doctor to understand and decide the best treatment procedure.

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