How to choose the best glucometer

Glucometers have made keeping your blood glucose level at check easier. Earlier, when the once-a-month blood test at a diagnostics center was the only way to know your glucose level, it was impossible to track it for the rest of the month. But with glucometers, you can check them every day.

Glucometers are also helpful in noting sudden fluctuations in glucose level to be reported to the doctor when visited. Here are some of the pointers you need to keep in mind while choosing a glucometer for yourself.

  • Ease and convenience
    Ease of use is always the first criteria of any technical device. You do not want to take up more than five minutes to check your blood glucose level, especially when you are doing it at home. Before purchasing, make sure that the entire procedure of starting the machine, inserting the blood strip and reading the result is an easy and few-taps-required one.
  • Service, maintenance, and availability
    One of the major issues in case of a glucometer is the availability of blood strips. You might find a glucometer perfectly suited for your need, but if the blood strips are not readily available in your area, then there is no point in investing in it.Glucometers are devices you will need for a lifetime; so guarantee service, maintenance, and availability of the company and brand.
  • Reading storage
    If you are okay with noting down the reading every day, then you can choose any glucometer that simply reads your blood sample. But if you want to keep a proper track of it, opt for one which stores your readings and gives you a comprehensive idea of how your blood glucose has performed over the time period.
  • Special features
    You might want some additional features in your glucometer depending on your specific requirements. Some companies offer various features like audio reading for those with impaired vision, backlit display, and readings of carbohydrate grams, blood ketone levels, and insulin doses.

A high or low blood glucose level sound like something very common, but it has the most dangerous consequences. Make sure your sugar levels stay under the extreme limits using glucometers at home.

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