How does homeopathy help in hemophilia treatment?

Hemophilia is a generic bleeding disorder where the body’s capability to control the blood flow becomes weak. Usually, there are some chemical structures in the blood that help to hold the outflow of blood when there is some injury. These chemicals are clotting factor VIII and factor IX; the deficiency of these lead to slow bleeding for a time that is longer than usual.

Patients with hemophilia suffer from bleeding tendencies (internal and external) when there is an injury; they might even bleed at the joints of the knees. These are the common symptoms of hemophilia. There are various hemophilia treatment options among which homeopathy is popularly chosen by many patients.

Use of homeopathy
Homeopathy offers several effective hemophilia treatments. Homeopathic remedies have proven to be useful in controlling abnormal bleeding tendencies after any injury. Accurate hemophilia treatment is necessary for the medicines to work on the blood vessels and capillaries. Such treatments help in boosting the healing process, resulting in lesser blood loss. Many popular medicines used for treating hemophilia are known to go under severe processing in order to stimulate the factors in the blood vessels and stop abnormal bleeding.

Not only can acute hemophilia be managed with this line of treatment, but also when it comes to the treatment of hemophilia b patients require, homeopathic methods have been found to be beneficial.

The other relative benefits of homeopathic treatment include:

  •  A majority of the clotting factor concentrates are expensive and not really affordable by many. Hemophilia treatment through homeopathy is much cheaper and effective at the same time.
  • There can be side effects from the transfusion factor concentrates, which can lead to diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. On the other hand, homeopathy is free of side effects.
  • For knees, hemophilia treatment can be effectively done with homeopathy, as it reduces the intensity and frequency of knee pain (in the case of hemophilia, it is known as knee arthropathy).
  • Using homeopathy for hemophilia treatment does not pose any threat to the body even when used on a long term.  Homeopathy medicines act effectively to boost the immune system for preventing further occurrence of the disease.

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