Home remedies to cure everyday eye infections

A very common problem, especially in today’s time and day. With rising levels of pollution, bacteria, viruses, allergies which cause eye infection, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are forced to take eye medications now and then. Common infections like conjunctivitis also alternatively known as pink eye, blepharitis, orbital cellulitis, keratitis among many others are affecting people of all ages.

Although there are some medications both prescription and over the counter eye medications available in the market today, it still wouldn’t hurt to try these simple home remedies to tackle with common eye infections and allergies.

Warm compress: Simple to prepare and very easy to apply. Mainly effective as eye medication or treatment for the most common infection conjunctivitis, applying a warm compress will provide you with the much-needed relief. The warm compress helps heal the swelling and increase blood circulation to cure the infection without any worrying side effects slowly. One of the most effective external treatments when it comes to whipping up a homemade eye medication therapy.

Saline solution: A saline solution sounds quite fancy, but in fact is nothing more than salt and water mixed in a predetermined proportion to be used as an effective home remedy for treating eye infections. Salt water helps wash away any debris that gets collected and helps fight the infection effectively. There are some methods of preparing and applying the saline solution which can be looked up online. One of the more recognizable and effective eye medication treatment serving as an alternative to prescription medications.

Honey solution: Infections are caused due to harmful bacteria that gets accumulated in the eyes, thus causing inflammation, irritation and itchy eyes which are some of the recognizable symptoms among others. Washing your eyes thoroughly will not be as effective as using a honey water solution. Honey has some antibacterial properties which will thoroughly help clean your eye and thus prevent the infection from spreading or growing. An effective homemade eye medication which can be used as an alternative to prescription medications like Xiidra dry eyes which are available on the market.

It is, however, advisable to consult with an eye specialist before venturing out and shopping for prescription eye medications like Xiidra dry eyes or other alternatives.

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