Home remedies for constipation

Almost everyone experiences difficult bowel movements from time to time. But when the condition becomes chronic, it can make life very uncomfortable. For quick constipation relief and to keep your digestive tract healthy, you can rely on some simple home remedies.

Consider these natural remedies next time constipation comes knocking or to keep it at bay.

  • Drink enough liquids throughout the day for relieving constipation. You can start with warm water and lemon and continue to sip healthy beverages throughout the day. Warm beverages such as mint tea or lemon-ginger tea can also be helpful in treating constipation.
  • Eat healthy fats for constipation relief. Consuming nuts and olive oil regularly can help with bowel movements. One spoonful of sesame seeds after lunch can provide healthy oils to lubricate the bowels and provide easy passage for stools.
  • Consume high-fibre foods to keep your digestive system robust. During constipation, add extra fibre to your daily diet in the form of whole grains, vegetables, beans, lentils and fruits. You can also try nonprescription constipation medications like fibre laxatives to treat severe constipation. But use laxatives with restraint.
  • Any physical activity can help to stimulate bowel movements. You can try to include 15-20 minutes of mild to intense physical exercise as per your health. Even gentle workout or a short walk can be helpful for inducing bowel movements.
  • A handful of prunes or raisins every night before bed can prepare your bowels for passing stools the next morning. Raisins act as natural laxatives due to their tartaric acid content. Prunes also help with intestinal contractions. Both are rich in fibre too. If you are prone to bloating, eat dried figs instead of prunes.
  • Good intestinal health is necessary for normal bowel movements. When the intestines are not healthy, often constipation can occur. If your intestines are inflamed or irritated due to poor diet, eat plain and unsweetened yoghurt for a quick remedy. The good bacteria in yoghurt can heal the intestines and help you to have normal bowel movements.

Consult your doctor if your constipation doesn’t get better with home remedies. The cause could be another medical condition.

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