Home health care services for senior citizens

Home health care is an array of health care services that are provided to you in the comforts of your home for an injury or illness. It is an effective and inexpensive way to get you medical help. Home health care services help you recover faster and regain your independence.

If you are looking for home health care aides, consider the following statistics. According to a report by a center for health statistics, there are approximately 12,206 home health agencies in the U.S of which 76.1% were Medicare and Medicaid certified, 22.5% were only Medicare certified and the remaining 1.4 % was only Medicaid certified.

What should home health care services include?
Firstly, you need your doctor’s orders to avail home health care. Once the doctor refers, the health agency will schedule an appointment and visit your home to discuss your health and needs. Also, it is important that the home health care staff sees you as often as your doctor has ordered.

The staff needs to check:

  • Your diet
  • Your temperature, breathing, blood pressure and heart rate
  • If you’re taking your medications and treatments correctly
  • If you’re having pain especially in case of an injury
  • Your safety at home

Apart from this, the staff must coordinate with your doctor regularly or any other person who takes care of you. They must also teach you about how to take of yourself.

Here, we have listed some home health care providers in the country.

  • Bayada Home Health Care, NY
  • Premier Home Health Care, NY
  • Intrepid USA Health Care Services, AR
  • Secura Home Health, LLC, NY
  • CarePlan USA Healthcare Services, GA
  • American Nursing Home Health Care, CA
  • Trust USA Home Health, FL
  • Caregiver USA Corp, OH

Today, more and more families prefer their loved ones to recover at home, and home health care aides are the best option. Also, in most cases, the staff is trained to take care of the sick and injured within the comfort of the patient’s home. Do a thorough research of the healthcare service provider before letting your loved ones to be under their care.

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