Here’s what you need to know about teeth whitening procedure

Due to excessive intake of beverages such as tea, soda, coffee and certain food items, there could be staining and spotting of teeth. The teeth develop a yellowish or brownish tint, which can be quite unpleasant and sometimes, can be an indication of more severe dental health problems. There are several ways to whiten your teeth.

One of the ways to treat discoloration of teeth is through teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist.Before the actual procedure, the dentist will check if you have any issues with your teeth or your gums. You can inform the dentist if you have been using any tooth whitening products on your own. If you have bleeding gums or teeth problems, it will be taken care of first before any whitening procedure is started. If there are cavities, they need to be filled before any teeth whitening procedure can be done. The dentist may schedule the teeth whitening appointment separately after the preliminary examination and after deciding the amount of work needed on your teeth.

Once the preparation process has been completed, it is essential that the teeth are cleaned by removing food particles or any bacteria that may be causing damage or discoloration. The time taken for this process depends on the severity of the problem.

After cleaning. bleaching procedure is done. Typically, this is when the teeth whitening process begins. The dentist will use a cheek retractor to hold your cheeks in place and expose your teeth while the bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. Prior to this, your gums will be covered so that the gel which can cause irritation will not touch the gums. No teeth whitening products are used as the bleaching agents give the best results.

Teeth whitening products that can be bought in a pharmacy will give you the results, but a professional whitening procedure performed by your dentist will give you a much better and a more permanent solution for discolored teeth.

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