Here’s what you need to know about diabetic testing supplies and products

While, a few decades ago, the necessary frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels was a difficult and often painful process, technology has made it possible for to design a wide range of diabetic testing supplies that help to accurately test and monitor blood sugar levels from the comfort of our own homes.

Both type I and type II diabetics require certain basic diabetic testing supplies. These include a blood glucose monitor, blood sugar testing strips, lancing devices, and lancet holders. This will help them to test and also monitor the fasting, postprandial and random blood sugar checks as recommended by the diabetologist. Most doctors recommend a daily monitoring of the blood sugar levels so that one could exert tighter control over dietary patterns and also sleep and exercise patterns.

Even as early as ten years ago, people with diabetes necessarily had to go to a clinic or a laboratory to undergo these tests and hence, the tests were paced at about a month apart. The development of such compact technology-enabled glucose monitors makes daily checks easy and relatively painless as the lancets used are also really tiny so that just a minute drop of blood is withdrawn. Also, for those who are on regular insulin injections, high precision lancets can be used to collect blood and deliver insulin in the regions of the abdomen, the thighs, upper arm, the forearms and the calves, so that the skin on the fingertips does not become too chafed with frequent pricking.

For those on insulin, additional diabetic supplies in the form of insulin syringes or pens are also available. Some patients may also opt for an insulin pump that can deliver a specific amount of insulin by constantly monitoring the blood glucose levels. Most people who have type 1 diabetes may also prefer to opt for a continuous glucose monitoring system to avoid sudden surges or drops in blood sugar level. Such close monitoring and calibrating of medication dosages can have a positive effect on the three monthly HbA1C levels as well.

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