Here are solutions to 3 common issues of the lower denture

Dentures are prosthetic devices that are fitted to replace a missing tooth/teeth. They are removable. Only a few people resort to denture transplants, wherein the dentures are fixed and set in the first tooth cavity.

However, there may be problems associated with lower dentures. Here are possible issues that may arise after getting a set of lower dentures. The solutions to this issues are also stated here:

Maxilla denture problems
If a sore spot develops in the lower dentures, these spots need to be marked with the help of a Thompson stick; PIP paste can be added to check as well. If one faces difficulty while swallowing and experiences gagging or suffers from speech issues, it can be understood that this must have been caused due to an over-extension of dentures onto the soft palate area.  So, the hard and soft palate areas need to be bordered with Thompson stick as well as with a treatment called as Valsalva maneuver. After this, the denture is refitted, and the process is repeated.

If the lower denture becomes loose while talking or yawning, PIP paste needs to be applied. After this, normal denture movements can be continued.

Denture vertical dimension occlusion
If excessive VDO occurs in the lower dentures, i.e., too many teeth is visible, there could be TMJ (Temporomandibular joint syndrome) pain, which is a pain in the jaw joints, as well as muscle pain and hyper salivation. It is imperative to remake the denture with a CR bite to ensure that similar issues do not arise.

Insufficient VDO is the opposite case of excessive VDO, i.e., too little teeth are visible. TMJ pain occurs due to instability, and there is some difficulty in swallowing. Even in this case, it is essential to remake the dentures, or a rebase is required.

Mandible denture problems
In many cases, it is often seen that the problem is the lack of contact between the upper and lower teeth. A mandibular denture does not serve its purpose unless one can chew properly.

Lower dentures may cause several other problems, which can occur from time to time. Those who opt to wear lower dentures must be aware of such issues and seek suitable solutions.

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