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Government treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction

Government treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction

Many Americans are in dire need of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. Although, there is no shortage of drug and alcohol rehab programs for people undergoing drug and alcohol addiction, not all of them can avail the services of these drug and alcohol rehab programs. For instance, there are many government programs for addiction which are not only meant for individuals but also assist family members, friends, and community members. This article speaks about the various government options, programs, and laws that support and funds.

Federal options
Government officials have spent billions of dollars in federal funding to increase the availability and affordability of alcohol treatment services. Officials want more people to seek help for alcoholism.

Medicare and Medicaid
As federal and state-funded health insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid offer alcohol treatment assistance. Medicare helps low-income families who live below the poverty line. Medicaid provides insurance to those above the age 65 and above and disabled individuals. Each state determines the eligibility and the amount of money disbursed. Some rehabs may not accept Medicaid or Medicare as a form of payment.

Veterans Administration (VA) Benefits
To help veterans, Veterans Administration (VA) offers various types of treatment. The programs and therapies provided to veterans are specially created to help them work through matters like posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), disturbed sleep, depression, or pain. They have programs with varied schedules: daytime, evening, or weekend. Some programs offer residential treatment for those veterans that live far from a clinic or do not have a stable home.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Individuals suffering from alcoholism have more treatment options. Mental health services and addiction treatment are part of the essential health benefits. Individuals cannot be denied cover. They will no longer be charged with substance abuse including AUDs. Treatment covered includes screenings, medication, counseling, and also help with some detox and rehab costs. Each health insurance plan covers different services.