Getting an insight on Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a citrus fruit that usually grows in Southeast Asia. The fruit has extracts of hydroxy citric acid (HCA) that has been used for cooking and even used for weight loss. You can simply purchase pure Garcinia Cambogia from an online store or from other supplement stores.

Usually, HCA, an organic acid, works well by making you feel complete, that reduces your appetite, and thereby affects your metabolism. Some people might even assist to improve high cholesterol or enhance the athletic performance.
The benefits provided by Garcinia Cambogia seem to be quite a lengthy one. It can even be hard to find out the truth to claim regarding its ‘miracle’ properties. There can also be some Garcinia Cambogia side effects and one should always consult the doctor for such medications.

Below are some of the claims and verdict that helps you know about the Garcinia Cambogia well.

Claim: Lowers body weight
Verdict: There is no substantial proof that Garcinia Cambogia lowers body weight. The existing evidence is not able to prove that Garcinia Cambogia alone can facilitate weight loss. A 12-week, randomized study published in JAMA says that the supplement will not assist in the significant weight loss or any decrease in the fat mass. Both the control as well as Garcinia groups are placed on the high-fiber, which have got very low-calorie diets.

Claim: Keeps your stomach full
Verdict: There is no proper evidence found regarding the appetite. While extensive research analyses that Garcinia Cambogia has no conclusive evidence to suggest HCA has any effects on the appetite. Though some studies offer positive results, you will not find any human studies that replicate them.

Claim: Speeds up the metabolism
Verdict: Evidence has been found regarding this speed up, and you can simply influence fat metabolism. Many studies have found that both mice as well as humans to experience an increase in the fat metabolism after supplementing with the HCA.

Enhances Athletic Performance
Verdict: Garcinia Cambogia also offers some benefits that enhance athletic performance. It might increase the amount of time that it consumes to reach exhaustion during exercise.

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