Get that smile back with senior dental implants plan

Old age adversely affects our teeth just as it tends to affect the other parts of our body. It is very important for everyone to take good care of their teeth from the very start to avoid dental complications in future. However, since old age is inevitable, there comes a time when old people start losing all or some of their teeth.

Many of us haven’t really heard much about a senior dental implants plan, but there are some companies which do offer such plans. A dental implant can be a good alternative to dentures. A regular dental insurance does not really cover cosmetic dental services like tooth whitening, filling the gaps between the teeth, or even dental implants. Besides, there are very limited number of companies which offer a senior dental implants plan.

Dental implants are generally quite expensive in the US. A single tooth implant might cost anywhere between $6,500 to $9,500. And if you want to implant the whole set of 28 teeth, then it might cost you somewhere between $182,000 to $266,000.

A senior dental implants plan offers you a 20% discount on the procedure and as well as on the dental device used, making it cost somewhere around $5,200 to $7,600 for a single tooth implant and around $145,600 to $212,800 for implanting the whole set of 28 teeth.

Many people who can afford these prefer dental implants over dentures. This is because dentures have a high probability of being ill-fitted or loose whereas dental implants are quite natural and permanent. It makes chewing and biting easy and also gives you back your perfect smile.

Thus, senior dental implants plan makes it a bit easier for you to afford your dental implant procedure, and get back your perfect smile along with the ability to chew and bite whatever you like.

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