Get rid of yellow nails with these home remedies

When the nails become stained with yellow tinges, it looks very unappealing particularly when you allow your nails to breathe in between polishing sessions. Fortunately, treating as well as preventing the yellow stains on finger and toenails is quite easy. All it requires are a few easily available items and sensible caring of the nails.

Lemon tea tree oil

Buffing out the nail stains can help you get rid of them since it can strip off the uppermost layer of the nail. But this treatment has the risk of weakening the nail beds which indicates that you will have to be extra careful. You must gently buff the stain from the nail with the help of lemon and tea tree oil as it is rich in anti-fungal and bleaching properties to help the stain to loosen up. You can apply the essential oil directly on the nails and then use the buff very carefully.

Lemon and soda paste

You will need some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and mix them to form a paste. You can also add some lemon essential oil for bleaching the nails. The solution is very suitable for removal of yellow streaks from the nails caused by toxic nail colours and diet. But since this is a relatively harsh treatment for most girls, it is recommended to limit it to once or twice in a week.

Lavender and extra virgin olive oil

This remedy is not just effective in removal of the stains, but it can also moisturise the cuticles and heal your nail bed. Mix up lavender and extra virgin olive oil and soak your fingers in it to offer much-needed rest for your hands. It is useful for the removal of all sorts of stains from the nails. You may also use apple cider vinegar as well since it can help in eliminating fungal infections from the nails.


Along with these, regularly soak your finger and toenails in warm water mixed with rock salt which will make your nails soft and void of infections. With these few easy to follow tips, you can bid farewell to the undesired yellow patches on your nails.

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