Five things you need to know about breast cancer

Apart from confirming metastatic breast cancer signs, breast cancer is first recognized when there is a lump, a change in the breast or something abnormal is detected on a mammogram test. It is one of the most common types of cancer seen in women, after skin cancer. The cases of HER2 breast cancer are also on the rise.

Listed below are five things you need to know about breast cancer.

  • It is not only a woman’s syndrome: Breast cancer is not only a woman’s but also a man’s disease as well. It is a quite rare case in men, but it is possible for a man to be diagnosed with it.
  • It may not start with a lump: The most common type of breast cancer develops as a tumor and creates a lump in the breasts. But sometimes it may happen that a lump doesn’t form in the breast.
  • Be aware, it can help to recognize the cancer: Monthly self-examination of the breasts is necessary to check for lumps, swelling, red skin, itchiness, change in nipple or pain. It is the best tool for self-assessing any symptoms of breast cancer.
  • Mammograms are not infallible, but they can be useful: Mammogram test is the only method to pick up the earliest signs of breast cancer that may be developing. It may sometimes give unclear results and might need a second round of checking.
  • Genetic changes not a common cause of breast cancer: If the family carries such genetics, it is necessary to talk to a doctor before considering anything. Genetics is not a necessary condition for this type of cancer.

Break the misconceptions about breast cancer and remember the following:

  • There is no specific age when breast cancer might strike a person.
  • Gender does not protect a person from breast cancer.
  • It is not necessary that a person can’t get it because no one in the family members has it.
  • Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t protect one from breast cancer.

In case any questions about breast cancer or if there is a risk of getting breast cancer, it is essential to a doctor.

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