Finding the best phone and plan for senior citizens

Senior citizens wish to have a user-friendly cell phone plan with no frills associated with it only for emergencies, as well as the occasional call. Hence, they opt for AARP’s cell phone plans for seniors, where they can get plans that only charge for the basics and not any extra fancy features. Most of the major companies for cellular plans offer such cell phone plans for seniors with no frills. They also offer plans called pay-as-you-go plans. These plans do not require any long-term contract. Moreover, a couple of bigger chains including Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Best Buy also offer such options.

Getting a handset
A reliable handset is necessary for a cell phone plan to work well. There are cell phones for seniors that are available at a cheap rate. The handsets typically cost around ten dollars. The fancy models with cameras cost fewer than twenty dollars. The available prepaid plans start at ten dollars per thirty minutes of calling. There are many such plans that have been specifically designed keeping senior citizens in mind. Hence, these are senior-friendly and have options for no contract calling plans for the users.

Looking at some carrier options
Consumer Cellular is a company with handsets priced at twenty-five dollars only. These handsets have very large buttons and bright displays. They also have very clear sound. Members can get discounts on the handsets along with the cellular plan. Great Call is a cell company offering handsets at forty dollars. Just5 is another company with very big button models of handsets that are priced at ninety dollars. The calling plans begin at ten dollars per one hundred minutes of calling. Moreover, they provide fifty text messages for free. This plan also has no activation fee that has to be paid. These are some of the best AARP cell phone plans for seniors that most people opt for.

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