Features to look for when buying a medical alert system

A medical alert system is a small device that is usually worn very close to the body. In the event of a medical emergency, the wearer is required to press the button which will immediately trigger a process whereby a radio signal is sent to the base unit which places a call to emergency services. Ideally, a sound medical alert system must bring medical help to your doorstep at the earliest possible time. However, there are many elderly users of medical alert systems who have complained of either no response or very delayed or indifferent response from the call center.

When investing in a medical alert system, whether for oneself or an elderly parent or relative, do remember to keep the following guidelines in mind.

As far as possible, opt for a medical alert system that is suitable for the person. For instance, if an individual does not have the use of his or her left hand, then the alarm button must be fashioned in such a way that it can be accessed with the fingers of the right hand.

The medical alert system ideally should be adaptable for use either around the wrist or around the neck, whichever is more comfortable for the user.

Ideally, even though the medical system is designed to be worn by the user, there is always the likelihood that he/she removes it. For this reason, there need to be panic buttons placed at different points in the house or living facility that can be easily reached by the person in the event of a sudden medical emergency.

Most medical alert systems need to be within the operational range of the base console that sends out the radio signal upon detecting the alarm. Do compare products and opt for one that offers the maximum possible range. Some manufacturers also offer portable medical alert systems. Do enquire into these as well.

Also, it is preferable to go with a company that has its call center as well as trained emergency medical professionals on 24X7 call, rather than a company that outsources this task to others.

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