Everything You Need to Know about Diabetic Test Strips

What are Diabetic Test Strips?

Diabetic test strips are used in glucometers to test the level of glucose in your blood. These test strips are made of plastic and usually have a serial code printed on them. These strips are disposable, and a kind of glucometer which will use only one type of test strip.

How do These Strips Work?

Diabetes testing wouldn’t be possible without these small test strips. These strips contain a chemical called glucose oxidase. This chemical produces gluconic acid when droplets of blood are dropped on it.

An electric current is passed through the other end of the meter, which enables the meter to gauge the amount of glucose content in the blood correctly. The level of current being passed in the device will depend upon the concentration of glucose in the blood of the patient.

Where Can You Buy These Strips?

You can buy these strips by visiting your nearest pharmacy. These strips can be obtained through a prescription or without a prescription. You can also purchase these strips online from a website of your choice.

Also, there may be some rules in the country or area you live in. You might have to acquire the strips as per the rules and regulations of the area you are buying them from.

How Long Can You Use Them?

Usually, the expiry date or the use by date is mentioned on the box of the test strips. You can either refer the label on the box or the leaflet inside the box for this detail. Although, the usual time for using a test strip box after opening it is three to six months. If you have more than one box, it would be wise if you begin with the oldest box.

How to Store Them?

Buying diabetes test strips is quite expensive. These strips are also extremely delicate. Keep them away from extreme temperatures and always close the lid of the canister in which the strips are stored. Keeping the strips in a secure canister will help you keep the moisture away from them.

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