Effectiveness of Botox in easing an overactive bladder

Studies reveal that besides smoothing wrinkles, Botox injections assist in calming an overactive bladder. This could mean a significant improvement in the lifestyle of a person suffering from an overactive bladder. Such people feel the uncomfortable urge to pass urine numerous times in a day. The sudden urge can sometimes lead to leakage of urine, termed as urinary incontinence which could be very frustrating.

How do Botox bladder injections work?

This is a simple yet effective procedure which does not require a hospital stay. At the beginning of the procedure, the bladder of the affected person is drained out. Then, a local anesthetic is passed via a catheter to numb the lining. After this, Botox is injected into the muscles of the bladder directly. The injection is given using a flexible and small needle through the help of an instrument known as a cystoscope. Usually, each injection consists of nearly a milliliter of Botox, and the procedure takes 10-30 minutes. One treatment might involve 10-30 Botox bladder injections.

The effectiveness of Botox:

Easing incontinence with Botox bladder injections may be quite helpful for people suffering from severe incontinence. It is to be noted that the effects might be felt only after several days of the Botox injection treatment. A re-injection might be necessary as the positive effects tend to diminish within 36-42 weeks after the treatment.

Once this treatment is complete, the frequent urge to urinate tends to reduce. The chances of urine leakage will also decrease. Patients will regain the ability to hold their bladders for a longer period, which in turn will minimize the frustration of visiting the toilet multiple times.

One should also be aware of what to expect after the procedure. While urinating for the first few times, individuals may experience a burning or stinging sensation which is normal and will eventually stop. Besides being safe, Botox treatment proves to be successful in positively changing the patients’ lives.

Though some lifestyle changes including reduced caffeine intake, regular exercise for strengthening pelvic muscles, etc. might prove to be helpful in managing overactive bladder, Botox bladder injections tend to be the most effective treatment for severe cases of incontinence.

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