Effective treatments for sinus congestion

Sinuses are the chambers in the air passage. These chambers are highly vascular and the presence of foreign particles will invite an immediate immune response. To combat and neutralize these, blood containing white blood corpuscles rush in to combat these and neutralize. It is this immune reaction that produces a distressful congestion.

The age-old home remedies comprise as some of the best home remedies for providing relief from sinus congestion. Chicken and other nutritious soups are excellent remedies for sinus congestion. Tomato tea is another popular congestion breaker and is one of the best ways to treat sinus congestions. These liquids are effective in providing relief from sinus congestions and can be easily made at home.

Ginger is another great decongesting agent. You can make a ginger decoction by boiling a three-inch piece of ginger cut into thin slices in two cups of water. Allow it to simmer for about half hour in a closed vessel. You can soak a thick towel and inhale from it. Make sure that the liquid is not too hot. This will help in clearing the sinuses thereby providing sinus congestion relief

Another effective sinus treatment is the apple cider vinegar. The potassium of the apple is a mucus thinner and the acetic acid of the vinegar is a bactericide. An effective remedy can be created by mixing 2 cups of the vinegar and 2–4 Tsp of honey in 6 oz warm water; this should be consumed every 6-8 hours.

Bromelain is a protein-rich food supplement extracted from the stems of pineapple. It has a history of being used among boxers to reduce swelling. It seems beneficial in reducing sinus congestion. It is essential to consult a doctor before trying it as it reacts when consumed with other medications.

If the congestion is worsening or one gets a fever that persists for more than ten days, it is better to consult a doctor.

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