Early symptoms of diabetes to look out for

Glucose is the fuel for the energy that our body requires. When it is not used for the proper functioning, the glucose levels in the blood goes up, and this causes diabetes. Certain symptoms of diabetes are so mild that many do not realize it unless it is very late. The main reasons for this type of diabetes are improper diet and unhealthy habits. Another reason that causes diabetes is the improper functioning of the pancreas. One ideal way to know the sugar levels in your blood is by doing a regular check with the help of Accu-Chek. Given below are some early signs of diabetes to look out for.

  • Hunger and fatigue: The body converts the food we consume into glucose that the cells use for energy. The cells need glucose to bring the glucose in. If your body is not producing enough insulin, glucose can’t be used by the cells, and you have no energy. This makes you feel hungry and tired.
  • Urinating frequently and feeling thirstier: While four to seven times a day is the ideal count, urinating more often is a tell-tale symptom of diabetes. This is because the kidneys are trying to push out the excess sugar and because you are urinating so much, you may end up feeling thirstier.
  • Dry mouth and itchy skin: When you pee more, you are losing the water content in your body. This means that your body has less water available for all other processes and as a result, your mouth and skin can become dry and itchy. This lower water content can also cause dehydration and subsequently weight loss.
  • Slow healing cuts and wounds: High blood sugar levels can disrupt the blood flow and can cause damage to nerve endings. This can make healing of sores and wounds difficult. Yeast infections are also common in people with diabetes.

Apart from these symptoms, you should also look for milder signs like sweet smelling breath, pain or numbness, and vision changes. You should also check the sugar levels regularly with the help of Accu-Chek.

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