Do you want to donate to a breast cancer research

Cancer is the growth of cells in the body abnormally and uncontrollably. Normally new cells are being formed in the body and old cells die but when cancer develops old cells do not die and grow in an uncontrolled manner forming an abnormal mass of tissues known as a tumor. Cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts is called breast cancer.

About 1 woman out of 8 women in the country may suffer from invasive breast cancer in her life. As per research, 266,120 women are estimated to develop invasive breast cancer in 2018 in the US and 63,960 non-invasive cases of breast cancer. The death rate due to breast cancer is higher in American women than any other cancer.

These statistics make intensive research on breast cancer all the more essential. A way to help fight this disease is to donate to charities for the research, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer.

Breast cancer symptoms are a lump in the breast or armpit, inverted nipple, sore nipple, breast pain, bloody nipple discharge, etc. Diagnosis of breast cancer is done by Mammography, Ultrasound, and Biopsy. Treatment of breast cancer is either invasive (surgery) or non-invasive (chemotherapy).

How do you know which organizations are the best for you to donate?

According to USA Today, the first thing what you should see is how well the organization spends the donations for breast cancer research. These findings can be checked with charity watchdogs such as Charity Navigator and Charity Watch.

Top three organizations according to Charity Watch are:

  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation-BCRF
  • National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund
  • Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

Top three organizations according to Charity Navigator are:

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
  • Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation

There are many other organizations recommended by these charity watchdogs like, Bay Area Cancer Connections, Casting for Recovery and It’s the Journey.

Make sure that you make a thorough research on the breast cancer research centers before you donate your money.  The breast cancer research centers need the donated funds to create the best medication and treatment for cancer.

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