Dental implants for seniors: 3 things to keep in mind

Rapid advances in medicine and technology have improved our lives and have contributed significantly to making us healthier. Unfortunately, with age, our teeth and their health become a matter of serious concern. Several seniors lose their teeth and are forced to opt for removable dentures. In comparison to partial or full dentures, dental implants for seniors remain an effective solution to deal with the loss of teeth.

If you are a senior, here are some things you should keep in mind before going in for dental Implants:

  • Usefulness of dental implants for seniors: Dental implants for seniors are effective options for seniors irrespective of theirĀ age. Whether your age is 75, 85 or 90, the procedure itself is quite helpful in improving your oral health. They heal quite quickly because the process involves implanting an artificial tooth root, which helps to support the crown, denture or bridge.
  • Quality of life: It does not matter what your age is; despite age, everybody would like to continue to live their lives without making any major alterations to their lifestyle. One of those things is the health of your teeth which allows you to enjoy all kinds of food. This is possible with dental implants. Not only can you continue to live normally, but it contributes to a healthier and more active social life.
  • Health conditions: Typically, dental implants for seniors do not involve any major procedure especially if the patient is healthy and does not have any serious medical conditions such as diabetes, which can hamper or prolong the healing time. A smoking problem may also cause trouble as far as the healing process is concerned and in some cases, it may also pose an issue relating to the integration of the implant with the jawbone.

Dental implants in seniors have been highly successful barring a few cases where patients had existing medical conditions. Even in such cases, the healing period is extended but presents no other issues.

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