Cost-effective senior dental implants plans

With age, most of us would need dental works and regular visits to a dentist. The main dental works required are related to gum problems, teeth fall out, and others. One of the most frequently asked question, therefore, is how much senior dental implants plans cost and whether it is covered under the dental insurance.

Since the cost of medical facilities including dentistry is already high in the US, it’s expected that senior dental implants plans will be costly. On an average, the cost would be around $1500 to $6000, and this depends upon the tooth position and necessity. For multiple implants, the cost of the treatment shoots up to $10,000 or more depending on the number of teeth to be replaced and the facility provider. To top it off, these costs come with additional ones like the procedure and medicine costs and the fees of the doctor. It is obvious from these figures that most of thesenior dental implants plans won’t provide the full coverage for the dental implants.

Hence to access a cost-effective dental implant plan for senior citizens, these may be considered:

  • Medicare- This is the biggest insurance company for senior citizens; however, doesn’t cover for the important dental treatments that is mostly required at the senior age. Medigap also doesn’t provide senior dental implants plans. However, supplementary dental insurance plans, such as Medicare Advantage, cover dental expenses.
  • Medicaid coverage – This is also limited. As per the federal law in the US, under Medicaid, senior dental implants plans are not mandatory. This again varies from state to state and undergoes changes every year.
  • Dentistry schools – Here senior dental implants can be availed at a discounted rate.
  • Dental plans – These plans provide implants and services of an in-network dentist at a discounted rate. Some of the plans even offers a discount of 50%.

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